"Let Your Darkness Come To The Light" Hoodie
"Let Your Darkness Come To The Light" Hoodie

"Let Your Darkness Come To The Light" Hoodie

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"Let You Darkness Come To The Light" - Were Idiots

After a year+ of being locked down in quarantine, we know a lot of people have been battling with their "darker" sides.  Until this past year, many of us may not have even realized this existed within us, but being forced to be alone has exposed a lot of us to our darker sides. 

The yin yang has been a long time symbol which represents duality - the idea that light and darkness exist within all of us.  People tend to gravitate towards the light, because they fear the dark, but without a true understanding of your "shadow" self, you will never be able to truly experience your light side as well.

Over time, we here at Were Idiots have shifted our focus towards mental health and trying to provide pieces people want to wear that also allow us to share a message which promotes love and investing into your own mental health.


**FULL CUT AND SEW grey oversized hoodie with white ribbing; back screen printed logo in black and front embroidery in black and lavender

- Some sizes are already sold out so don't sleep! These hoodies are extremely limited!